WHAM-Access Circles Fall Summit 2020

Healthy Minds: Living Long, Being Well

AccessCircles-WHAM Fall Forum, October 22, 2020

We are thrilled to share with all of you our 2020 Fall Forum: Healthy Minds, Living Long, Being Well, eaturing three thought leaders on brain health, mindfulness and aging – Dr. Richie Davidson, Dr. Lisa Mosconi, and Dr. David Sinclair. AccessCircles and WHAM are passionate about women’s health. We recognize the importance of equipping women across the globe with the tools and knowledge that they need to cultivate a healthy mind, including access to information and medical research that focuses on women. With the global pandemic having just as much, if not more, of an impact on our mental health as our physical health, we need to know how to keep our minds and bodies resilient, so that we can live fulfilling, productive, healthier and longer lives. 


1: Healthy Minds: Living Long, Being Well.  Full event featuring Dr. Richie Davidson, Dr. Lisa Mosconi, and Dr. David Sinclair in discussion with Carolee Lee and Meryl Comer.

Or, watch individual segments here:

A: Dr. David Sinclair, Lifespan: Why we Age and Why we Don’t Have to

Dr. David Sinclair is a NY Times bestselling author; tenured Professor of Genetics at the Blavatnik Institute and Co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging and Research at Harvard Medical School; Professor and Head of the Aging Labs at UNSW Sydney; honorary Professor at the University of Sydney. None of us are getting any younger — at least not chronologically speaking.  But if there is a lesson we’ve learned this past decade it is this: aging is malleable. Dr. Sinclair will explain a new theory about why we age and the implications for what likely works and what doesn’t when it comes to slowing down and even reversing the aging process. 

B: Dr. Richie Davidson, The Profound Implications of Mental Training to Cultivate Well-Being

Dr. Davidson, William James and Vilas Research Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry and Founder and Director of the Center for Healthy Minds at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, shares scientific evidence that suggests we can change our brains by transforming our minds and cultivating habits of mind that will improve well-being. These include happiness, resilience, compassion and emotional balance.

C: Dr. Lisa Mosconi, The XX Brain – The Groundbreaking Science of Women’s Cognitive Health and Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention.

Dr. Mosconi is Director of the Women’s Brain Initiative and Associate Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College. Her New York Times Best Seller, The XX Brain: The Groundbreaking Science Empowering Women to Maximize Cognitive Health and Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, explores the question of what differentiates men from women away from just the reproductive organs and focuses on the unique characteristics of the female brain.  Dr. Mosconi details the lifestyle changes we need to make to ensure a healthy and high functioning brain throughout our lives.