WHAMNOW.ORG is a 501(c)3 whose mission accelerates dramatic change by working to reverse the inequities in medical research and scientific discovery that greatly impair women’s physical and economic wellbeing. WHAM will dramatically accelerate women’s power by advancing health equity, reversing bias in medical research and scientific discovery that impairs women’s physical and economic wellbeing.

Prioritizing women’s health magnifies their economic independence, power, and influence. Yet, despite irrefutable evidence that men and women’s disease experiences are different, and despite extensive, documented inequities in health research, the scientific community has done little to close the gaps. Moreover, public awareness of these inequities is negligible, in spite of their enormous health and economic impacts.

WHAM is dedicated to rectifying this imbalance by:

  • Quantifying the multilayered economic impact of excluding women from medical research through a groundbreaking report produced with the RAND Corporation,
  • Collaborating with preeminent women’s health research institutes to fund select studies examining sex and gender differences, and
  • Creating an innovative data visualization dashboard to develop powerful insights and drive change, in order to educate both doctors and patients; help direct research funds to the highest impact areas women face today; use predictive analytics to address future areas of concern; and raise awareness.